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People often ask : I need help with stick pivot animator figures?
Here is the answer- I've watched the pivot video, Stick Figures on Crack 1 2 and 3. Every scene where one stick cans another with a pop bottle, (Fanta) or when a stick gets stomped flat by a hamburger falling from the sky. I always wonder how he does it. Does anybody know how to make things like real Fanta pictures or cartoon hamburgers onto their animation? if anyone does, could you please tell me how?

The Magic Kingdom is the main park, based on the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It is organized around the central landmark of Cinderella Castle, with various lands arrayed around a central hub. The lands are, starting from the main entrance and going clockwise around Cinderella Castle: Main Street USA, Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland.

Jezebel posted footage today of the singers behind Belle, Mulan, Jasmine, Tiana and Ariel belting out their respective Disney classics, and listening made it clear that some of their voices are living happily ever after while others pipes have rusted. Here s a side-by-side comparison of the Disney Princesses, then and now:

Becca, I feel like you somehow shrunk yourself and somehow made a little nesting place in my brain, and with your itty bitty type writer wrote out exactly what I have been thinking and feeling lately. You are obviously not alone, and I think maybe creating a therepy group would be best for us all. However, I think the hold of Disney is unbreakable. I had no desire to see Tangled either because I didn t want to be dissapointed, but it completely enchanted me. For those 2 hours I was captivated and left feeling love is real and perfect like I ve always believed. Thanks for the words. I enjoyed relating.

Many people ask - Why can't I find anything to watch on my cable TV?
The answer- It seem's to me that anymore all I see on cable TV are women shows and advertisments. I get up in the morning and its either cartoons, women shows or advertisments and none of this is very interesting to me what so ever! I guess I could always watch the weather channel or news all day but that would rot my brain even more. So what I want to know is should I just give up or is anyone going to put anything on one of the standard channels that will appeal to men who want to see how steam engines are made and how to run a metal lathe or how to cast metal in a small foundery and how to replace parts in your computer or are we to unplug our TVs because the learning channel has become a channel to learn how to paint your walls red, green and purple hosted by a fruit cake and three bimbow women who giggle and fight about who's color picks are better? How about lets take Mike Rowe of Dirty jobs and make him a host of a new men's channel that gives men what we really want to watch on cable TV!

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