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True Loves Kiss - To write this opening duet between Amy Adams and James Marsden, Schwartz and Menken considered how early Disney movies Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty were musicalized. Alan Menken calls this a Walt era reference. Schwartz says, I tried to channel the classic Walt Disney sensibility and then just push it a little bit further in terms of choices of words or certain lyrics.

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Disney movies of the past used to be musical extravaganzas, like The Little Mermaid. And The Princess and the Frog is a return to that rich musical tradition in Disney. Going hand-drawn in an era of ultra-realistic 3-D animation needs to be done with special sensitivity; and Disney seems to believe that the best mind for such a direction should be a pioneer in 3-D animation such as John Lasseter, one of the founders of Pixar. While the movie seems a little slow, taking off, critical opinion has been unequivocally generous. Perhaps Lasseter was just the right choice after all. Disney movies are not charged just by ticket sales, of course; most of their productions take on an after-life of their own in the collective consciousness, and drive a rousing business in Disney merchandise. If this movie succeeds in capturing the imaginations of children far enough to drive the sales of dolls, stuffed toys, action figures and children s bedroom accessories, it can certainly be said, then, that Disney has succeeded in reviving the genre.

Critics Consensus: Though Home on the Range is likeable and may keep young children diverted, its one of Disneys more middling titles, with garish visuals and a dull plot.

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