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A: It is astonishing that Walt Disney was always-and I do mean always-in dire financial straits until the opening of Disneyland. The primary reason wasnt that his cartoons werent making money, because they were-at least until the war in Europe when the loss of that market meant disaster for the features. But even as they were making money, the studio was losing money because Walt was constitutionally incapable of cutting corners, enforcing economies, laying off staff. The only thing about which Walt Disney cared was quality. He thought that quality was the way to maintain his preeminence, though quality also had the psychological advantage of letting him perfect his world. The problem was that quality was expensive. To cite just one example, Walt spent more than a hundred thousand dollars setting up a training program for would-be animators, though even then the return was small because Walt was so picky that very few of the candidates actually qualified to work at the studio. Money meant very little to Walt Disney. It was only a means to an end, never an end in itself.

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In 2004, a former Disney World employee sued the company, saying she was fired for wearing a hijab on the job in Orlando, Fla. Disney also offered the woman a behind-the-scenes job. Complaints have also been filed about the issue against other high-profile companies, including McDonalds and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Note: Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Transportation will not be provided to guests staying at any of the Disneyland Resort Hotels. These hotels are within walking distance to all of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend events.

They were going to do the Snow Queen? Aww! I liked that one. I liked the fairy tales from Disney. I would have like to have seen what they could do with Rumpelstilskin as well.

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