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In the Disney case, shareholders contended the board violated its duties by approving severance for Michael Ovitz. Chandler ruled in 2006 that directors properly oversaw the firing and that Ovitz s 140 million package wasn t a waste of corporate assets.

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Disney s earlier animated feature The Princess and the Frog in 2009, whereas being highly critically acclaimed and taking in practically 270 million worldwide, was not as successful as Disney had hoped. Disney expressed the belief that the film s emphasis on princesses may have deterred younger boys from seeing the a view to market the film to each girls and boys, Disney changed the film s identify from Rapunzel to Tangled, while additionally emphasizing Flynn Rider, the movie s distinguished male was criticized for altering the basic title and story as a advertising and marketing strategy. Floyd Norman, a former Disney and Pixar animator, stated, The concept of changing the title of a traditional like Rapunzel to Tangled is past stupid. I m satisfied they re going to achieve nothing from this besides the public seeing Disney as desperately trying to find an audience. Justin Chang of Selection compared it to altering to title of The Little Mermaid to Beached.

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