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The Disneys first attempt at pregnancy ended when Lillian miscarried. She became pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter, Diane Marie Disney, on December 18, 1933. The Disneys adopted Sharon Mae Disney December 31, 1936 β February 16, 1993.

People often ask - Should I take my insulin pump on rides at fair?
Here is the answer: I have type 1 Diabetes and am on an insulin pump. I'll be going to the fair and going on rides and stuff soon, and was wondering I should really bring it with me(on the rides). I went to Disneyland and California Adventure and brought it on the rides with no problems, but I read on the pump site that you shouldn't do that. I plan on going on a free fall, but it said something about the magnets. Oh, and I have a Cozmo.

I highly recommend you buy a book called Disneyland and Southern California With Kids. Its put out by Fodors. We bought it, read it, and brought it along when we went this past April and it was a lifesaver. It gives you the lowdown on every section, ride and event at the park as well as California Adventure, and the appropriate ages, scare-factors, etc. for each attraction. We stayed at the Howard Johnsons-a short walk to the park, and next to a terrific, family friendly restaurant. If you stay at the HoJo, ask for the 4th floor or higher, facing the park, so you can see the Disneyland fireworks at night from your room. I recommend a Park Hopper pass too-you can go back and forth between California Adventure and Disneyland. Have a great time!!! heidilee

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