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Here is the answer: Mine is Beauty & the Beast

We think that- I have Adobe Photoshop Cs3 Extended and I'm trying to make a cartoon animation. I will draw a picture in layer 1. I go to 2 layer and lets see fisrt i need to know onion skin and second ill draw on layer 2 and when i go back to layer 1 it will be on there 2. EXAMPLE, i draw a stick figure on layer 1. on layer 2 i draw the stick figure in the air. (Kinda hard because i can't see the other picture no onion skin) P.s. i really can draw its just an example. When I go back to layer 2 the stick figure is 1 on the ground and the ohter in the air and i didn-t want that. Am I suppose to save each layer but first i draw all them and then i go back and color. I hope you understand me. And how should i save it so it'll work with windows movive maker??? THANK YOU

This is a very good resource for Disney info on parks, movies, tv shows and attractions. I think it would be almost impossible to do a perfect guide as everyone has their Read more

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