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Disneyland Paris opened April 12, 1992 as EuroDisneyland and made more news for its lousy financial management than for the theme park itself. But fans loved the park, and they continue to queue for its top attractions, including Space Mountain: Mission 2, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. Grab a Fastpass ride reservation for one of these attractions when you enter, then visit another while you wait for your return time.

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We think that: Redcorn love Pocahontas...Like Toy Story Gang, Goofy, and Mickey..Who do you like most?

Popular questions - Since when has it been popular to use Celebrities to do voices for animated movies?
We think that- Instead of using voice actors, who have done this for a living, like Billy Wilder? If you look at animated movies, even this decade, and some of Disney movies from last decade, you would see a bunch of Celebrities doing voices for the animated movies. It seems to me, that no matter what, kids aren't going to know who they are. If you look at the cast list for The Tale of Despereaux, you will see exactly what I mean, plus the fact you have Emma Watson and Robbie Coltrane from the Harry Potter movies. Along with Charles Shaughnessy, who played Maxwell Sheffield on TV's The Nanny. Now if you look at the cast list for any of the movies that were made by Walt Disney and his animators, they have professional voice actors, doing the voices in the movie, instead of somebody that was really big and famous in his day, like Elvis Presley, or John Wayne. And what was the first animated movie that did this, with used Celebrities doing voices for animated movies, instead of professional voice actors, that have made this a living doing voices, that now is turning out to being a dying breed.

Cirque du Soleil La Nouba in Downtown Disney West Side is must-see evening entertainment. Along with opulent sets, brilliant choreography, theatrical lighting and provocative music, La Nouba features a mix of mesmerizing high wire and flying trapezes, stunning acro-gymnastic performances and other dynamic displays of coordination and strength.

Disneyland Paris has very strict rules on the hiding of behind the scenes Disney. Photography and Filming is strictly forbidden in backstage areas. The edges of the Disney Parks are lined with ride buildings and foliage to hide areas that are not for the public to see. There are numerous gates that allow entrance into the Park for Cast Members, parade cars etc. When gates around the park are open, anything that can be seen through them is considered part of the Disney Magic. Therefore from the second the gates are open, all of the crew must be in character and in place to perform. As the complex is so big, shuttle buses take Disney Cast Members to different parts of the park via roads behind the parks.

J. Jeff Kober, MousePlanetJeff president of Performance Journeys and CEO of World Class Benchmarking, is also a thought leader on best-in-business practices at the Walt Disney Company. He brings those ideas to organizations via keynotes, seminars, and workshops to organizations around the world. He has authored The Wonderful World of Customer Service at Disney as well as a Disney at Work series of apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, available via You can find out more about his newest book, Lead With Your Customer: Transform Culture and Brand into World-Class Excellence at

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