City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Virtual disney world tour, Disney world magic hour.

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People often ask - How long after a disney audition can you audition again?
We think that- I had a Disneyland Audition for Innoventions on July 8, 2010. We should receive a phone call if we get the part. (BTW does anyone know how long that could possibly take?) But if I don't receive the part I would like to audition for character performer on August 14, 2010. Can I go to that audition as well? Since it's for a different part and that kind of audition is by process of elimination unlike Innoventions auditions.

People often ask : Why do atheists hate the scientific method?
We think that: As a man of science, I wonder why atheists refuse to use the scientific method to prove evolution. The scientific method requires scientists to gather observable, empiracle, and measurable scientific evidence, then test, retest, and test over and over again to make sure they have the correct results. Did I miss the breakthrough where scientists observed evolution occuring? Did I miss the breakthrough where scientists conducted evolution experiments to gain empiricle data? All I hear scientists say is that evolution can take thousands or millions of years, so no experiments can be done to truly verify this theory, so we will just have to take their word for it. If I told everyone cars could fly, showed them statistical "facts" to prove it is possible, then showed them the Jetsons cartoons to convince them that it could occur, but never actually created a flying car, would people believe me that cars could fly? They'd call me an idiot, but that is how the theory of evolution formed.

Many people are interested - What might your favorite disney character be?
We think that- Favorite disney animal:Favorite disney person:Favorite disney hero:Favorite disney movie:Favorite disney song:Favorite disney other: (like chernabog)and noew choose out of all of above, your favorite disney movie!:

Frequently asked questions : How do I change my avatar pic to make it a cute little cartoon thingo?
We think that: Yeah, the title was long enough, no more need to explain.

Frequently asked questions : Who has seen the Giant Chocolate Chip cookie in Space Mountain?
We think that- there is a giant chocolate chip cookie that flies around Space Mountain in Disneyland Ca. in case you didn't know. It's like a projector light type image. When i was like 8 or so i was all scared to go on and some random kid was like there is a huge cookie in there you have find it. haha it got me to go on.

People often ask - How to become a voice actor?
The answer: Recently my parents told me that I could end up being a voice actor, and I think I can too! But I need information...So I wanna know what guidelines I need to follow, what sort of things do I need to do before I can become a voice actor. I'm really leaning more towards cartoons on like, Nickelodeon. Stuff like that.(I'm REALLY into The Last Airbender and I know they are making a spin off series to be released next year -P i would die to get a job for that!) Commercials don't really appeal to me seeing as I am only 14..Does becoming a voice actor cost a lot of money? And does it require special schooling or classes? Do I need to study acting to become a voice actor? Do I need to be a certain age? If moving to another state is necessary please take note of that. Any other useful information would be greatly appreciated!!Thanks so much!!

Many people ask : Whats a goofy character suggestion for a cartoon, itll help me out.?
We think that: im trying to put together something, i dont care how goofy and random it is i can make something out of it thank you. No answer is stupid.

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Mickey Mouse shows you around backstage at Town Square Theater at Disney's Magic Kingdom

DisneyWorld 2010

Belle and Beast- Disney World!

Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney World's Barnstormer at Magic Kingdom

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