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The answer: What was your fav disney movie as a kid or still to this day and why did you like it?

Many people ask : Who is your all time favorite disney character?
We think that- Mickey Mouse

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We think that: Puffing a cigarette. Don't care. I knew I would smoke when I was an adolescent. Didn't do it till I was eighteen. Doesn't kill a thing. So, I got to wonder, why do some people think that Joe Camel and flavored cigars appeal to kids? Slap any oil painting on a cigarette label and the politicians want to watch cartoons instead of mind their own business.

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Capital Group has considerable shares in Disney, as well as 29% of the shares of the Robert Mondavi winery at 7801 St. Helena Hwy, Oakville, CA. Wellington Group and Mellon bank also have shares. Behind Capital Group are mob controlled groups like Debartolo Reality Corp. and La Quinta Inns a Bass bro. operation. Sam Bronfman operates Sterling and Monterey Vineyards.

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The answer- He stood in front of the mirror staring intensely at himself, as if he was manifesting.I was leaning on the door frame, calmly eating an apple. It tasted good- I hadn’t had an apple in a long time.Whatcha’ doing?” I teased in a cartoon voice.Thinking” he replied simply, brushing his black fringe out of his eyes.Hard, isn’t it?” I joked, throwing my apple core into the bin nearby. She shoots, she scores.Yeah” he laughed, looking at me with his intense, deep green eyes.Suddenly he opened his black duffle bag that was lying besides him. He rummaged around and fished out an eyeliner pencil. He then brushed his fringe away and started applying eyeliner to his eyes. I stood stock-still, my mouth gaping.What. The. ****. Are. You. Doing?” I spat at him, walking over to come and snatch the eyeliner off him.Hey!” he shouted, waving the pencil away from me as I tried to grab it.We fought a little, me punching him in the gut twice, but soon gave up. I was honestly bewildered. This guy certainly looked like…an emo…but I never knew he was a guy-liner person!Ethan, just tell me what you’re doing with the eyeliner” I sighed impatiently.What does it look like I’m doing, Mely?” he chuckled at me.Applying it?” I ventured.Well done, stupid!” he boomed at me, grinning all the while.But how the? What the? Huh?” I spluttered.He shrugged, and went back to outlining his dark eyes. I noticed his long, black eyelashes.But you don’t need it! You have long black eyelashes already!” I chided, crossing my arms across my chest.Meh…I like it. I once wore red eyeliner to party. Ha, so many people were staring at me that night” he laughed again, dragging out the ‘so’.Ethan was one of the popular guys even though he dressed and looked like an emo. This personally, amazed me.When ever someone asked this, he would always comeback with “Oh, just because I wear the colour black makes me an emo, huh?”. This resulted in the person getting all embarrassed and all of Ethans’ jock buddies beating up that person, or Ethans’ girlfriend spreading a rumour about that person for weeks.I didn’t like Ethan’s girlfriend. She was a generically pretty cheerleader at our school. You know the ones, faux-tan, dyed blonde hair, manis and pedis. Plus she was one of the most vicious girls at our school. I hated her to point of if she had one hand on the cliff edge and was five fingers away from falling to her death- yeah I’d probably send her on her way to hell.But since I was Ethans best friend, I was exempt from her wrath.Look, Mely, if the whole guy-liner thing freaks you out, I’m sorry and I won’t use it…that much” Ethan choked on the words.Hey, Eth, it’s ok you know. I was just shocked, that’s all!” I gushed.*********is this good?i need to know if its worth writting the rest of it:D thanks

31 Years later to the day Lillian Disney died. Apparently Lillian persuaded Walt to name his mouse character Mickey instead of Mortimer.

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