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Disney is strongly influenced by American and Canada travelers, and its primary market, of course, is families especially those with kids younger than 8. Its new approach to teen cruisers may help the line appeal to families with older kids, as well. Beyond that, Disney has strong appeal for multigenerational travelers, and its superb spa, bar district and alternate dining facilities mean that adults of any age will find their own spaces onboard.

Frequently asked questions - I'm gonna visit southern FLORIDA, is it worth driving up to ORLANDO for one day?
Here is the answer- also, does disneyland have anything going on around the actual park? or do i have to pay entrance, and everything is inside, like shops and restaurants? i don't really want to go inside the park, i dont want to go on the california they have Downtown Disney, which is next to the parks, and you dont have to pay to go inside the park in order to enjoy itthanks

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Located a little over a mile from the Disneyland Resort is the Embassy Suites Anaheim - South. The Embassy Suites is more than just a family-friendly hotel. This hotel is made for families in every way.

Frequently asked questions - Cartoon fancy dress ideas?
The answer is: Heyy,I'm supposed to be going to a house party tomorrow and they've decided last minute to make it fancy dress in the form of cartoon characters / disney characters - Have you guys any ideas on how to make something that's cheap and easy that won't require mass amount of effort.. My effort span ranges to pretty much walking to primark and back if I need to pick up the odd item of clothing..Not really a fan of doing disney princesses and that kinda jazz..I'm female, long brown hair..cheeeeeeeers

In order to unlock the window above the Fire Station leading to Walt Disneys apartment, you must beat The Lonesome Manner and return to Mean Street. Talk to the Gremlin at the Penny arcade and hell tell you theres another function of the

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