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Many people are interested - Can you get kicked out of Disneyland for getting out of the car?
Here is the answer: My friend had an idea that it would be fun to try and do a chinese fire drill on Autopia. I was wondering, is it possible that if we are caught the staff members can kick us out and/or take away our passes?

The resort offers a huge collection of core pins featuring attractions, resorts and favorite Disney characters, priced 6.50 and up. Walt Disney World Resort also releases limited edition pins to commemorate special occasions and holidays, and to mark events in resort history. Pin trading stations are located at each of the four theme parks, the Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment complex and Walt Disney World Resort hotels. At scheduled times throughout the day, the stations have pin trading sessions where guests gather and trade pins with other enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions - What did you think of the new Alice in Wonderland?
The answer is- Here is my opinion of the new movie but I'm curious to hear other comments and opinions as well.I am a huge fan of the original Alice in Wonderland movie. I saw the new movie and it was enchanting for some of the same reasons. Of course the graphics were amazing but the graphics in most movies now days are. It seemed to pick up where the old one left off- therefore, it was able to capture the creativity of the original movie while adding on a twist of itís own. Taking one of Americaís most beloved movies of all time and altering it in any way is risky business but I think they pulled it off well.Director Tim Burton worked magic once again but I was surprised that it wasnít more dark and twisted like most of his films. For the story to be based around imagination and madness, I definitely thought it could have been just a tad bit more mad. The acting was for the most part well casted. Mia Wasikowskaís real life version of the cartoon Alice was somewhat different than I imagined her, but she played the part well. Johnny Depp was brilliant as usual. Depp has the ability to transform himself in such a way that I am convinced all of his many unique characters are real life people somewhere. The casting directors made a huge blunder by casting Ann Hathaway as the White Queen. She parades around with her arms bent upward with her hands up by her shoulders in almost every single shot she is in. I assume this posture she portrayed was her bizarre interpretation of a benevolent and graceful queen but I found this over acted role to be very monotonous, irritating and a bit comical, which is definitely not good if you aren't aiming to be funny. Hathaway is a good actress but this roll was not for her.I liked the way Alice was torn between the pressures of society and the world of fantasy inside her mind. I think the story reaches people on a personal level, though most probably donít realize or even comprehend all of the beautiful metaphors tied into this story. The whole concept of the story parallels struggles that we have faced or will face at some point time in our lives. It takes on the belief that not everything in life has to make sense, when in fact most things donít. Being able to let go of inhibitions and be a little mad sometimes is a gift given to each of us if we just have the guts to use it. The story reminds us of how we would love to escape and be free from societies traditions and taboos, how we would love to let our thoughts and ideas, our what ifís and how comes and our deepest visions and dreams be exposed. There is an Alice in us all that longs to be heard. This story conveys the message that we must be brave enough to think freely and speak up. Of course there will be opposition and uproar. There will be challenges, obstacles and dragons to slay, as Alice found to be true. You must face your dragon and slay it in order to find the Alice deep within yourself, the person you were born to be. They may call you mad but all of the best people are.

Many people are interested : Why is Stewie From Family Guy Gay?
Here is the answer- At first he was an evil baby.Then he was hinting that he was gay or feminine.Now I just watched an episode where he's sitting on Brian's son.He's asking him to take his clothes off and when the guy calls him a freak, he says something like "how to lose a guy in 10 seconds"Did the producers just suddenly decide to make him gay?Or is this just a joke for one episode?I know he's a cartoon and doesn't exist.That's not what I'm asking.I'm asking if his character is suppose to be gay now?

Frequently asked questions : Ok say this is not really a question but more of a discussion about what young children are learning!?
We think that: So I have 5 children in total. My youngest 2 are girls they are 11 months apart. About to turn 3 and 4 here in the next few months. My almost four year old goes to preschool and the baby is still at home. Now over the last few months I would say, my older daughter will break things of her little sisters or she will take things from her and of course the youngest will cry because she has been mistreated. When I come to the rescue I find that the older daughter is telling the younger one that she isnt suppose to be sad because she told her that she was sorry. Or vice versa the older one will get in trouble and she will cry and will continue to do so and tell me that she is going to keep on till her little sister tells her she is sorry for telling on her or whatever the situation was. (that sounds confusing but moms I am sure you understand) It seemed to me that either my four year old has misunderstood the concepts of forgiving, forgetting and apologizing. So it makes whose in trouble more difficult when this happens because they are both sad, in tears and misunderstanding. My youngest daughter realizes that her sister thinks that she can take or break anything that belongs to her and she is just suppose to stop crying when she does this. Okay to me this is wrong. Its kinda hard to explain to a 3 and 4 year old. . . .So just tonight I was working in the other room while the girls watch a learning show on the kids channel Noggin which is about the only thing they will watch. I just happened to be listening to the cartoon as it played out. A careless little boy intentionally damages things that do not belong to him, a toy train, a paintings, things of this nature. Of course the owners of such things who are also his friends tell him that they are mad at him and cannot forgive him for what he did and they no longer want to be his friend. (thats typical) so the bystander friend goes to the owner of said items and explains to them that because they are made at the little boy for breaking their things he is very said and explains to them how important it is to fogive and forget so they all do of course and continue to be his friends. Well this little boy is actually a repeat offender and the little girl continues to reunite everyone on behalf of the careless little boy. They actually have the careless little boy doing these things on purpose. So the moral was forgive and forget but no lessons are ever taught to the little boy who doesnt care enough to respect his friends who continue to be his friends despite what he does to them. Okay now this is very similiar to what my daughter is doing, ok well its exactly the same. When I talk to her about this she says her teacher tells her you are suppose to say sorry and when you do that makes both people happy. Now to me there is something wrong with this? You shouldnt teach your child to hold a grudge against their sibling for such a thing but again who is in the wrong the child who intentionally does these things cause they think the victim should hear "Im sorry" and then get over it. . .or . . .the child who holds the grudge? This seems like a tough topic but I am just curious to here the opinions of others because my young children are being taught that this is ok. When we were younger and someone accidentally broke your bike, okay they are sorry forgive them, the next time they do and its on purpose then it makes then a bully, the third time I would be holding a grudge! It seems like that this is the new way kids are learning because I though I misunderstood my daughter saying her teacher told her this but I just watched this and heard it with me own two eyes!So mothers (of more than one child) or teachers anyone who cares to comment I am interested in your thoughts on this one!

Frequently asked questions - How do i get my flashbacks from my bad trip on magic mushrooms to go away when i smoke marijuana?
Here is the answer- Okay so last time i did shrooms was about 5 months ago on my birthday.. i was looking forward to a great trip but then my parents called right before my peak started... i wigged out, i was already having a bad trip because of the people i was with, i felt like i was sitting in a room with a bunch of people that were going insane just like i was.. it was crazy and i did not like it. i felt like bees were all over me and im deathly afraid of bees and these people i was with just wouldnt talk, and i needed to talk to keep myself sane! my dad showed up to pick me up because i had summer school the next day that i was trying to get out of, and on the way home i just acted like i was crying because he was yelling at me and i didnt want him to look me in the eyes.. i was so scared, and the car turned into a rocket ship and i was trying SO hard to keep my cool around him.. i got home and ignored my mom when she tried talking to me and went straight to bed. when i got to my bed i was scared to look around my room because of my posters and everything, ive never been like that before.. and so i got on facebook to see if that would help, it didnt. everyones pictures looked deformed and like clay cartoons almost. tripped me out, so i just decided to turn off all electronics and try to go to bed... didnt work, i layed there for 6 hours with constant thoughts going through my head.. my back was killing me and i could not get comfortable,, i literally thought i was dying, and i was so scared.. also another reason for the bad trip was my mom came in to give me my anti-depressent and said "you know, if your on something and you take could you need to let me know now" and i said i wasnt, so i took it.. then that thought kept going through my head and i was so scared... worst trip of my life, and i havent done them since for that reason.. but i went from smoking pot every day to not wanting to at all because of it.. now when i get even just a little bit high, humans look freaking weird to me and it scares me and makes me feel gross to be a human and i cant stop thinking about it for a long time.. i know this sounds weird, cause it is weird, i dont like it and i want it to go away.. how do i do that? should i start taking my anti depressants again for a while and then see how it goes? cause i feel like that coulda been the spark of it all but im not sure.. and please dont judge me for everyhting i just said, im just being honest and i want legit help :(

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