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Frequently asked questions : What to wear for our holiday to Paris?
The answer is: My husband and I are taking our 12 month old son to Disneyland Paris in February this year. I've been told that it is extremely cold at this time of year. For those of you who have been to Paris, please can you tell me how many clothes layers we will need? I especially want to know how many layers my son will need as he'll be in his buggy and won't be keeping himself warm by walking around the park like us. Thanks in advance!

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Disney movies have become a hallmark of childrens entertainment because of their enduring themes and values. These movies have mixed imaginative worlds with real-life problems and applications. Each

There was initially some doubt among the animators that a sound cartoon would appear believable enough. So before a soundtrack was produced Disney arranged for a screening of the film to a test audience with live sound to accompany it.

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