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Popular questions - What is your favorite disney movie or movies?
Here is the answer: mine are:Lady and the TrampToy StoryLion KingFox and the HoundAladdinOld YellerCarsUPand Tarzan :)

Many people are interested - How do you make the cartoon avatars on y!a?
The answer: title says it all...but I see how lots of people have those little cartoon avatars and Id really like to know how to make one...this is probably a pretty dumb question and I'm guessing it's really obvious but ohh well...I'll choose a best answer, thaanks to anyon who helps! :)

Many people ask : Is this a good portion of my story?
Here is the answer: I didn't want to interrupt my boss as he was screaming at me. His tongue thrashing around in that gigantic and annoying mouth of his. His eyes growing large like they do in those unrealistic Japanese cartoons. The mouth made a sound like a suction cup being ripped from glass. The humor of the livid man was unbelievable. I imagined him as an angry hippo yelling at me from across the table. How unintelligent can a human being get. Yelping at me like a little puppy obviously isn't going to solve the problem I have put in front of him. Most people try to tone out the reverberant voices that hit their ears like a bass drum, but not me. I find it simply amusing to outsmart a person in my mind. I might have saw a tear stray from his bulging eyeball. His throat was probably going to get sore soon so that's his loss. My silence is what makes it all worth while. Finally, he stopped. I smirked. "Now what do you have to say for yourself." There it is. The final nine words that everyone says after they are yelling at someone. "No, but do you?" I laughed as his face got even more cherry colored.By the way: I'm only twelve years old. That is only a small portion of a story I am writing.

There must be some hardened cinics out there who cant enjoy the beauty and wonder of this familys real life vacation to a NEW disneyland.

Frequently asked questions - MJ Fans: Survey (20 characters)?
The answer is- 1. What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?2. What is your favorite non-Michael Jackson song?3. Which of Michael's facial features did you find most attractive?4. If you had one wish would it be: World Peace or Bringing Michael back to life?5. If you got to spend one day with Michael, how would it go?6. Did any of you actually buy tickets to This is It before he died?7. How many songs do you have of his on your ipod? (no ipod? then what cds do you have?)8. What outfit is your favorite?9. What music video would you like to be a part of?10. If you could have said 3 words to Michael before he died, what would they have been?My answers (if you care lol)1. Will You Be There (as of right now)2. Stuck in the Moment- Justin Bieber3. His smile and his eyes :)4. Michael is in a better place now, and I would hate to bring him back to this cruel world. So, World Peace. And that would make Michael happy :)5. We'd ride rides (I'd get sick lol) We'd watch a classic Disney movie :) Then we'd play water gun fights :D6. No7. Ipod songs by MJ: 648. Remember the Time, GOLD PANTS, Smooth Criminal9. Remember the Time :) or The Way You Make Me Feel10. God Loves You :D

9. Disney modeled Mickey Mouse on Charlie Chaplin and that Chaplin later assisted the Disneys by loaning them his financial books so they could determine what kind of proceeds they should be getting from their distributor on Snow White.

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