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Its Disneyland for Mickeys sake. I loved this place as a kid and I love this place as an adult. I bought the premium annual pass so I come as often as my heart and wallet can handle. But with free parking I can justify going pretty often.

People often ask - What do you think of my "story" based upon the greatest book ever written- Twilight?
The answer: "Edward?" I longingly murmured while entwining my fingers into my mahogany brown hair.He stared back at me intensely"Bella?" he replied, a tiny grin forming at the corners of his perfect mouth.For a human to be that perfect should be illegal --against the laws of nature. But then I remembered- Edward wasn't human. He was a Homo Sapien, and he wanted to devour me.I shuddered as Edward turned to me, caressing my pale cheek. His icy hands were freezing against my burning skin. Albeit the fact that Alice had insistently applied blush to my prominent cheekbones, all color was gone from my face.I turned to Edward as we began to dance, noticing how his bronze hair dazzled beneath the fluorescent lights of the disco ball above us.Edward's unnaturally perfect golden eyes locked onto mine...--Suddenly the disco ball crashed to the floor, shattering into a million tiny reflective pieces.There were collective gasps. The room was utter chaos. "How will we waltz with no shiny balls?" Mike Newton cried. To my chagrin, Edward walked up to the podium, holding up his strong marbled arms."I will be your disco ball!" he shouted to the crowd.Edward strategically placed himself beneath a random skylight. Soon more imitation spotlights and rays that seemed to be natural sunlight poured onto Edward. Millions of glistening lights bounced off and reflected off the walls. No one bothered to turn the music back on when he started singing, his voice was like an angelic choir.I swore I could hear Kanye West singing when he opened his mouth. Edward Cullen had saved our high school prom. My Edward- whom I am forever and irrevocably in love with.........After the dance we blissfully sailed off on a cruise ship. While vacationing in Disneyland, we discovered a new species and were mentioned in Wikipedia. Of course Edward was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.The End :)

Allows you to go to and from all four of the Walt Disney World Theme Parks; Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disneys Hollywood, and Disneys Animal Kingdom Theme Park, for the length of your ticket.

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People fall in love quickly and easily in Disney movies. Often all it takes is to see somebody of the opposite sex singing a song, and true, eternal love is the immediate result. That trend begins in Snow White, as she sings a song with a handsome goofball near a well, and shes head over heels. This prince of hers apparently does nothing but roam through the forest singing love songs. Ah, well. Were told that they live happily ever after. Snow White is actually a bit of a drip herself, so perhaps they were made for each other.

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