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At first, top executives at Disney blew it off and publicly denied that such a thing would ever be considered. But as time passed, it became evident that Disney was indeed, working on a comeback for the Captain and his crew. On December 18, 2009, Disney announced that Captain EO would be returning for a limited engagement to the Magic Eye Theater in Tomorrowland at Disneyland.

The red carpet event, held at Floridas Port Canaveral on January 19, featured stilt-walkers, every cartoon character ever concocted, and a heartfelt performance by the ships godmother, Jennifer Hudson who began her career as a singer on a Disney ship. A gigantic bottle of champagne actually, Mickey informed us, it was filled with dreams was airlifted via helicopter toward the ship. Hundreds of news reporters, photographers, and TV and radio stations captured the spectacular moment as the fireworks exploded, a banner-towing airplane offered well wishes, and the bottom of the champagne bottle dropped out, sprinkling its dreams for the new ship onto the hull.

Frequently asked questions - Marvel and DC SUCK!!!?
Here is the answer: It's like since I was born they been showing the same movies and tv shows---- Batman, Spiderman, X-Men and the rest of the clowns that participate in the circus. It can't get any more lame than Marvel and DC---- tedious, limited powerful characters that lack creativity--- ex: Spiderman.... it's like a kid came up with this character----now using a kid voice "A spider bites him and he gets spider powers! like a web!!!"---wow, a web? Are you serious? I laugh when watching Marvel and DC trailer movies---- they still coming out with Batman movies???WTF??? And wassup with those lame spiderman romantic movies? I rather watch Harry Potter, btw who saw the latest spiderman cartoon---looks like a girl in a spiderman costume, Hulk sucks, these characters always have limited powers... Hulk is strong, cyclobs throws lasers from his eyes, Spiderman throws web, Iceman throws ice, lol...see how lame it sounds? The only one that has truly done it for me is Dragon Ball Z, they actually give the audience what they want to see. These Americans make me laugh... this is suppose to be FICTION....THINK OUT OF THE BOX

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The answer is: Whats your favorite disney movie?mine is lion king 2: simbas pridealso whats your favorite disney princess?mine is ariel

This is a company that once forced a Florida day care center to remove an unauthorized Minnie Mouse mural. More recently, Disney told a stonemason that carving Winnie the Pooh into a childs gravestone would violate its copyright.

Disney Media Distribution India has extended its strategic partnership with Dish TV to bring Disneys portfolio of world-class movies on-demand to subscribers of Dish TV, one of Asias largest Direct-To-Home satellite television providers.

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Here is the answer- I would like to make a cartoon series, manga style or similar, how do I go about it?

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