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Many people ask - What do you think I should do?
The answer is- I'm dieting but I'm freaking out that I'm gonna gain a bunch of weight next Monday and Tuesday because of my birthday. On Monday I'm going to Disneyland which is the day of my birthday and I'm gonna eat there and then on Tuesday I'm doing a house party...I'm so freaked out that I'm going to gain weight for cheating for two days but I go gym everyday I'm just not going next Monday cause I won't have time...I'm concerned about my diet.

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The answer is: Lately I've had the worst luck with friends, turned out to be total ***** or ditched me. it isn't like I'm making a dating profile here lol, it'd just be nice to know if there are people out there similar to me/that would like me.sooo-i'm a girl-i'm far from barbie doll perfect-i loooove games. spend a lot of time on them. :/ mostly shooters, rpgs, adventures.. like call of duty, dragon age, oblivion, mirror's edge (plot kinda sucked but loved the gamplay, heh) etc!-love movies and tv too. open to anything really as long as its interesting. shooters, action, adventure, comedy, horror..and disney/pixar of course lol.-for music im open to a lot also. my favorite is metal though- love industrial and avantgarde metal. :p i'm into calmer stuff too however!!!!-i draw a lot-ffffff i love disney..the movies.....disneyland. idk why but i /love/ it.-i'm not really into watching sports, but i like goofing around and playing sports with friends, or going bowling n stuff.-i can be sorta quiet at first, i open up more once you've gotten to know me.-i'm more a listener than a talker.-loyalty is a HUGE thing to me. i keep secrets and will stick with you till you tell me to leave-i'm pretty understanding-i try to be nice-you can rant at me lol-i like nice guys, not total jerks. i can take jokes and stuff, but someone who CONSTANTLY puts you down.-i do have a sense of humor, and i'm not very sensitive but like i said above I don't like if someone is constantly putting me down.-i don't like when people change their attitude toward you to impress other people :p-i love trying new things if people have different interests than me ^___^There's a ton more but I don't really want to write it all down. :/ Probably missed something important haha.

Lots of fans simply refused to look at any of the material, and others ate it up as soon as it became available. One has to wonder why Disney opted to be so open with this attraction, considering the company is historically fanatical when it comes to keeping things a secret when it comes to new attractions. A popular theory is that California Adventure had become so big of a mess that Disney felt that it had to show the public everything it could about this new ride to get in them in to the park to experience it. The over-selling of Mermaid via Disney social media, online videos and the massive display at Blue Sky Cellar almost screamed to guests that Disney knows it messed up and they promise theyre finally turning DCA into a real Disney park with classic Disney attractions. I get that - and I have a feeling that played a huge role in the way this attraction was presented to the public. Disney stacked every card they could in their favor - even if it meant pushing aside the almost-sacred tradition of keeping new attractions mostly a mystery until they are open. Sadly, proud tradition and deeply-rooted company policy were cast aside in this case; Disney felt it had no choice but to show everyone exactly what they were doing with Ariels Undersea Adventure so that there would be no doubt that this was truly a Disney attraction; one that many of us have been waiting decades for.

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