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Frequently asked questions - Can You Work For Family?
The answer- Hey,I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information. I have family who live in North Carolina, its not immediate family (mother, sister, brother), but a cousin. Can I move to america and work for them? They have their own business?I have a Bachelor of Art Degree in Cinema (Media Analysis and Production) and have worked the last 6 months at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

Frequently asked questions : What's your favorite disney movie?
The answer- Come on! I know ya'll have one! Any Particular reason as to why?Mine is Aladdin.... my favorite sequal is Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas, favorite human disney movie- Mary Poppins and I have many many more favorites...

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DONT DO IT - We took my then 5.5 year old to disneyland for that week and regretted it the whole time. Twice while we were there they had to close the entrance to the park as it was at capacity. You can just imagine what capacity is at disneyland. huge long lines, oceans of people - it was a disaster - go off season or during the week but not the week between christmas and new years - you will regret it!! never do it again

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