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A new version of Star Tours, premiering in the United States this year, is well rumored for the Disneyland Paris in 2012. Beyond that, no major new attractions appear on the horizon.

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In May 1992, entertainment magazine The Hollywood Reporter reported that about 25% of Euro Disneys workforce - approximately 3, 000 men and women - had resigned their jobs because of unacceptable working conditions. It also reported that the parks attendance was far behind expectations. However, the disappointing attendance can be at least partly explained by the recession and increased unemployment which was affecting France and indeed most of the rest of the developed world at this time; when construction of the resort began, the economy was still on an upswing.

To Disneyland parent: Dont go! You and the girls need a low stress, low cost trip together. Go camping somewhere close and quiet and have a few laughs with each other. Remind the girls of all the positive aspects of themselves and you will all feel better. Been there.

Fear of Faerie: Disney and the Elitist Critics. Childrens Literature Association Quarterly, vol. 12 no. 2. 1987 Summer. pp: 90-93.

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