City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Walt disney writing fellowship program, Disney princess on ice shows.

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Many people ask : I want to be a cartoonist but afraid of critics?
The answer: i always wanted to make a cartoon movie/tv show, i have so many ideas.what are the steps to become a cartoonist? how much do you get paid for making a comic/manga book? and how much you get paid to make a cartoon? i am saving money for a art school. but right now taking my general classes to get my AA degree. what kind of job will give me more experience to what i want to be? i just need more understanding of what is what to be a animator.

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In September 1959, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev spent thirteen days in the United States. On his visit Khrushchev had two requests: to visit Disneyland and to meet John Wayne, Hollywoods top box-office draw. Due to the Cold War tension and security concerns, he was famously denied an excursion to Disneyland.

For instance, the Celebration Residential Owners Association, which participates in binding all residents to a Declaration of Covenants, a legal binder of rules that residents must live by. Of course the Declaration of Covenants was written by Disney. These rules include such nit picky things as, no more than two people can sleep in the same bedroom, no pickup trucks can be parked in front of homes, and if Disney officials dont like your cat or dog they can forcibly remove the animal from your home.

Questions for new users : How to Make a Cartoon and get it on TV?
The answer is- I am creating a cartoon based off of anime. what do i have to Study in college? what do i have to do to get my Cartoon on tv like on cartoon network or something?? I have drawings and im working on the story. for this do i have to make a comic? pelase help thanks everyone!!

Questions for new users : Whats your favorite disney movie?
The answer: i'm talking about the classics not the disney channel onesfor example: the little mermaid-beauty and the beast-aladdin-toy story-lilo and stitch- etc.

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