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Gus the If Disney could put in the most obnoxious, repetitive and irritating character they They found it! Gus the Gremlin almost ruined the whole game for He practically NEVER shuts up, even after he has told me how to do things 20x in the first 30 min! Okay, Gus, you told me how to turn this 3 min okay, thanks, I got 5 min I get it, 5 worlds later I GET IT GUS! STOP TELLING ME!! I Dont need to hear your crap over and over and over again!! Not to mention how he VERY annoying! This reminds of another classic game from the Nintendo ::ponders:: what was it? Mentioned in 5th point

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Questions for new users : What other are close parks from Disneyland ?
We think that- Well in summer is my birthday, And my parents know that im a really Disneyfan. I love the theme parks. So i want to go to Disneyland in summer, but my family has never been there. Are there any near Attraction and parks (Im looking forward mostly theme parks and Hollywood). And **** hotel would be cheap and good. And lastly do you guys recommend me to stay in Hollywood or in Anaheim??-Thanks!PS.- not looking for beaches....(i come from the caribbean)

The Mickey Mote is inexpensive, easy to use, and provides fun and educational entertainment for preschoolers. The Mickey Mote can only be used with select Disney DVDs for preschoolers DVDs which offer Discovery Mode. split Watch a video about Mickey Mote

Bruce Hendricks, president of physical production at Walt Disney Studios since 1999, is leaving the company, TheWrap has confirmed.

Disney owns the rights to make sequels to all of the existing Pixar movies and WILL make those sequels. Might as well have Pixar make them so they will at least be decent. Pixar pulled off Toy Story 2 awesomely, I have no doubt they can come with ideas for sequels for the other Pixar movies. Just please, no Bug s Life 2. That was the only Pixar movie I did not care for.

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