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Officially licensed backpack from Disney. Measures approximately 16 inches tall and 12.25 inches wide. Extendable carry handle

Lets face it, one of the coolest and most fun aspects of your Disney World vacation is hunting for some awesome Disney swag, and there

In order to unlock the window above the Fire Station leading to Walt Disney s apartment, you must beat The Lonesome Manner and return to Mean Street. Talk to the Gremlin at the Penny arcade and he ll tell you theres another function of the machine, but he needs 30 Power Sparks to work it. Collect whatever remaining power sparks you need and give them to him. He ll tell you something has activated at the fire station. Jump up to the window above the door there, and Gus will ask if you want to enter. Inside are two gold E-Tickets with Oswald on them instead of the Mickey Mouse logo. They are worth 150 Tickets. Note: The Oswald Tickets, unlike the normal E-Tickets around the park, will not reappear.

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Here is the answer- I personally believe that Malaysia is the best country to open a new Disneyland. Malaysia is on top of the list for Southeast Asia most visited nation and 3rd in Asia region just after China and Hong Kong and France being the most visited nation in the world.The total population of Malaysia is about 27 million and is made up of different ethnic groups and races. The population of Malaysia is relatively young and it is very important for Disneyland because young people have great willing to try this kind of services. The 0-15 age group constitutes approximately 39% of the population and 57% of the population is in the 16-64 working-age group.Also, due to the multi-cultural influence here, many Malaysians can speak many languages, like Mandarin, Arabic or English. English language is the second language and is taught in schools. Most of Malaysians speak English fluently so it gives a great advantage over different countries because good understanding of English helps when you dealing with business partners.Violent crime involving tourists and in Malaysia is relatively uncommon. According to the Crime Statistic figures, Malaysia has relatively low crime rate and it is one of ten safest countries. It is very important because tourists must fell safety.The law of Malaysia is mainly based on the common law legal system and it is actually a country that welcomes foreign investments. In Malaysia it is relatively easy to set-up a business.When you are doing a business in you have to remember that sometimes is difficult for people in Malaysia to say no or to deliver bad news and they dont always take the word yes to mean I agree. You also need to be sensitive to the ethic background of contact. Do not give alcohol or pork-based items to Muslim and avid sharp objects or clocks when dealing with the Chinese.Some provinces observe Friday as the day of rest and close for business so the owner of Disneyland must consider localization of the business.

There is a new DLP-CD-series all combined in english and french: EDDA002-2: Christmas at DLP - music from the show twas the night before Christmas, Christmas Main Street Electrical Parade, Christmas Parade; EDDA003-2: 1997 The Year to be Here - fifth anniversary song, music from the La Parade Disney, Main Street Electrical Parade, En Scene Sil Vous Plait, Le Livre Magique De Mickey, CEst Magique, Fantasia in the Sky Fireworks, Disney Classics, The Music and the Magic; EDDA004-2: En Scene SIl Vous Plait - The music from the show at the Festival stage.

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The answer is: Opinion based im curious to hear others #1's, easy points! =)

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