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Questions for new users : What should i do??
Here is the answer- ok. so im realllly good at making up different voices. i can like do the accents to pretty much every race. i want to be a cartoon voice and be the voices of a lot of cartoons but i dont know how or where to sign up. i think id be really good on a show like south park. so does anyone know a website or something where i can sign up and try out for a cartoon voice or something?

Frequently asked questions : Pros and cons of going to disneyland during spring break?
The answer- my family's considering going to down to disneyland during spring break. we've been to disneyland in the summer, in fact, everytime we've traveled to the park it's been during summer. everytime we went we encountered no large crowds because we had went down during the week early but now i'm not sure how the crowds will be during spring break.i've got some of my own pros and cons of going during spring break.PROS:1) not all school districts will be out at the same time. some may have their break before easter and some after, which could allow less people at the park.2) weather will still be mild and not hot like in summer.3) it could be less crowded during the week days.4) shorter lines for the top attractions.CONS:1) though not all school districts may be out at the same time, there would still be a lot of students out.2) colleges would be out as well.3) long lines at the entrances and popular you agree, disagree? also, if you have any experiences about being at disneyland during spring break relating to crowds and lines you're welcome to share.

On Tuesday, June 1, I had the esteemed pleasure and honor to be among the first to see World of Color WOC at Disneys California

Many people are interested - Whats your favorite disney classic movie?
We think that: the fox and the hound. :]

In response to an upsurge in demand from baby boomers entering adulthood, the show again went into syndicated reruns from January 20, 1975, until January 14, 1977. It has since been rerun on cable specialty channels Disney in the and Family in Canada. The original Mickey Mouse Club films aired five days a week on the Disney Channel from its launch in 1983 until the third version of the series began in 1989. The last airing of the edited 1950s material was on the Disney Channels Vault Disney from 1997 to September 2002.

More hidden Disney erotica. This time, there is a distinctly Basic Instinct type shot when Jessica Rabbit bounces out a Taxi - it only lasts for two frames. And as the artist s revolution continues, Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner s home telephone number appears plastered on a Toon Town wall!

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