City of characters from the wonderful animated Walt. : Winnie the pooh in disney world, Walt disney masterpiece cinderella.

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People often ask - Ok, well I am not one of those guys who are obsessed wit anime?
The answer is- But, I just want to know why.well people make poor judgement, and assume the wrong way. Just because it is cartoon doesn't mean it sucks or for kids. There are a lot of other animes out there that is for adults only. Just like Family guy is for teens and adults, I am sure there are a lot of other animes for teens and adults. I understand where they are coming from, since I rarely watch anime, but it is getting annoying where they talk about it all the time, saying it is bad and all. Blood Plus, and Death Note are really good series and it is definatilly not for kids because of the gore, murder and blood. So my question is why do they assume it is bad, just because of the anime style is different from cartoons? I think they are just being ignorant, not giving anime a chance. I know there will be haters replying to this, but think about it, how many animes did ya watch? Probably just one episode, did you watch any of the other animes? probably not.... It takes a while to get used to it, and I agree with that. I agree that the eyes are big, and all, but that what makes it unique. If they just made it normal, it will b considered cartoon, which will seem more borin to them, and for kids, but anime is for all ages, not only for kids. Ok before you haters go insane on this question like, " Anime sucks end of story, only no life watch it." i agree some animes do suck, but not all! You just watch the terrible ones if you did saw anime. Like Naruto is gettin stupid, eh it has good plot, but just need more work. Some of the haters love Inyuyasha while some hated naruto, some liked Bleach, while some hated Full Metal Alchemist,etc!

Beginning October 8, the interactive, digital world of ÁTRON: LegacyÁ will light up Hollywood Pictures Backlot as we gear up for the filmÁs release on December 17. This will be a cool opportunity to peek inside the world of this movie, and itÁs available only to visitors of Disney California Adventure park.

Frequently asked questions : The Rock 'N' Roller Coaster?
The answer- What is the take off on Rock 'N' Roller Coaster like? Thats the only part I am worried about. Oh, and it is the one at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Is it similar to the sudden "take off" on Test Track when your about to crash? Lol, thanks all! :DAlso, Did you know Test Track is the fastest Disney ride? It goe up to 65 mph. And Rock 'N' Roller Coaster is the second fastest ride.Lol, thanks to all who answer :)

Frequently asked questions : Isn't it sad how they changed the way disney musicals are cast?
Here is the answer- Walt looked all over the country for his snow white, he was talking on the pone asking for a girl who could play this part. The man he was talking to's daughter picked up the phone singing and saying she could do it. She then got an auditionHe auditioned hundereds of girls for his "Cinderella"One girls friends sent in her demo tape without her knowing. She got the part.Now, for movies like "Tangled" they are casting people who are already successful like Mandy Moore.Does anyone else find this sad?

Many people ask - What's your favorite animated disney movie?
The answer is- mine's beauty and the beast.

Oh, and McElderry s debut album will probably be out late this year and no-one will really remember who he is by then, unless this Disney stunt works out.

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