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Universal have seen huge success with Harry Potter and in particular their merchandising sales. However comparing the ratio merchandising spend to theme park revenue for Universal to the Tokyo Disney parks, Universal is around 15%, still well behind Tokyo Disney at over 20%. Why is the merchandising spend at Tokyo Disney so high?

No one has mentioned the Gummie Bears Boat ride. It was down in the pond and was based on a cartoon show on the Disney Channel. It was there in the very early nineties. Even kids got to drive a boat! I think it was at DisneyLand and not World at

Many people ask - How does the union for emploees at disneyland work?
The answer is- I just got a job working at disneyland yay!! However, I was curious as to how the union there works. If anyone works at disneyland or has any idea on unions can you please let me know? thanks!!

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Frequently asked questions - Why was this question of mine deleted...?
The answer: "Zac Efron in pirates 4!!!! OMG. =O All opinions?"I went on to explain what the article I had read about it said, and why I didn't agree with it. Then I asked for opinions (good and bad) other than my own and why Disney would choose him.Clearly I was shocked and not too happy about Disney's choice for the up-and-coming sequel to my favourite movie, but was it really that offensive? =[Thanks...P.S. I didn't receive an email saying why it was deleted, I heard you're meant to?

Questions for new users : What is your favourite animated disney movie?
Here is the answer- Lion King & Alice In Wonderland

In 1923 Mr. Disney decided to leave Kansas City. He went to Hollywood, where he formed a small company and did a series of film cartoons called Alice in Cartoonland.

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