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We think that- who's your favorite disney character? mine's ariel. but it doesnt have to be a cartoon one, it could be like air bud for instance.

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The answer is- Ok, there is this girl who i like more than a friend, but i never really told her my feelings. We are kinda friends but nothing you would say as close friends. Our senior high school prom is coming up and she and i have been talking about it. She has asked me when it is, who i am going with, and if im going to dance. Well, the other day she pulled me aside after one of our periods went by and she brought up prom and how i should go because i owe her a slow dance. Also we hav grad night at Disneyland, and she asked me if i was going, and when she found out i was she asked me to be her " disney buddy" for the night.Another thing she does is she always calls me by my last name like Mr. X all the time. And she calls me studly when i think im not?1) does she like me more than a friend?2) Are those hints for me to ask her to prom?and i text her today asking her if she was going with anyone to prom and she said " i dont know yet haha what about u?She puts haha and hehe in a lot of the text messages she sends me and im not sure if she sends other people texts like that

So, my sister and I were just watching Oliver and Company, and I was telling her how Id always loved this movie, but it had never been that popular over the years. That got me to thinking, what are other peoples favorite underrated Disney movies? Either animated or live action.

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The answer is: for an example i just can't wait to be king.

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