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People often ask : Would you take it as 'it's over'?
The answer is- I haven't spoken to him in 4 months - no contact. The reason why we're so estranged is because I told him I still have feelings for my ex.Signs from him:1) He hasn't responded to any of my friend's texts.2) He recently deleted them off his Facebook3) He deleted me off Facebook4) He used his Disneyland ticket that we brought together to go with someone else (We were supposed to go together)Would you take it as "it's over" between us?

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Here is the answer- It sounds funny bit thats what we're planning. we're suprising the kid and taking them to Disneyland for christmas. We have a hotel room booked for that night. Our plan is to hit the park early and then come back to the hotel around 5 to rest and eat before heading back for the evening events. we're skipping the parade. So with only a small microwave and cooler what would you cook? we're eating lunch in the park

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The answer is- Okay, I still love Kim Possible. I wish i could see other things happen in it the series,1. In the movie A Sitch in Time, i wish i could see ron's and kim's future and see if they were married. I know its not possible unless one of them weren't in time travel, but still.2. See Shego and Dr.D kiss in the last episode! I mean, GAHH!!!3. I wish there was a 5th season or at least a last movie. But i guess the ending was okay.What would you wish would happen? Did you like the ending? What would you change? The basic questions and all. Oh and...1. Who is your favorite character? (mine-Ron ¦)2. Whats your favorite quote from all of the movies and episodes?Thanks!

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